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LGLC was started over 50 years ago to provide summer worship only.  As more members retired and moved to the lake it was then decided to have year-round services and engage a full time Pastor.  

It can be a challenge to find a retired Pastor who desires to continue preaching. Often times it requires LGLC to reach outside of the lakes area to find them.  Pastors who have served our church find themselves driving 90 minutes, both ways, year round in all road conditions, in order to serve our community.

The parsonage plan is to build a modest, one bedroom house with garage on the west end of the south parking lot.  

The total project cost is $225,000 and we have reached our goal!

Please email us if you are able to pledge support to the ministry of LGLC by offering a financial gift of any amount.  


Thank you for helping to make the parsonage a reality.


Check out our parsonage progress:

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