October Newsletter

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Dear Lake George Lutheran Church Family, Cheri and I cannot thank you enough for your warm welcome into the life of your church. Everyone we have met has been kind and caring. We are especially grateful to the leaders of LGLC. Our transition to our new church home has been made a delight by their gracious demeanor.

Over the next few months we will have opportunity to become acquainted with LGLC and you with us. The great thing about the Lord’s Church is that no matter where we go and where our journeys take us God’s people are the same. We all share the same faith in our Lord Jesus. We all know that we are God’s beloved children by grace through faith in Him. The common vision that we are all children of the heavenly Father reminds us that we are brothers and sisters in Christ. are a family. As your new pastor I look forward to sharing with you God’s Word life. There is no greater privilege than to share the Good News of Jesus. That will our aim.

In the Rite of Installation a pastor promises to be faithful to God’s Holy Word and to faithfully administer the duties of the Office of the Holy Ministry. That promise I make to you. I am confident that you, the members of LGLC, will support the Office of the Holy Ministry and will support me as your pastor. What a wonderful relationship we shall have under God’s guidance and direction.

Cheri and I wish you God’s every blessing as we join your LGLC family and celebrate God’s goodness in our lives and in the life of our church.


Pastor Shoemaker

BIOGRAPHY of Rev. Paul E. Shoemaker

The Rev. Paul E. Shoemaker was born on March 23, 1952 to Paul and Joan Shoemaker in Baltimore, Maryland. He and his two younger sisters, Beverly and Terri, attended Pilgrim Lutheran Elementary School and Baltimore Lutheran High School. He graduated from Concordia College in Bronxville, New York in 1972 and from Concordia Senior College in Fort Wayne, Indiana in1974. In 1978 he graduated from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Pastor Shoemaker has served congregations in Illinois, Michigan and Indiana. Since 1989 he has been the Head Pastor of Emanuel Lutheran Church, New Haven, Indiana until his retirement in 2021. He has served the Indiana District and The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod on various committees and as a convention delegate. On many occasions he has had opportunity to be a guest lecturer and preacher at Concordia Theological Seminary. He has served as chairman of the Board of Directors of Star 88.3 Educational Media, as chairman of the Board of Directors of LSSI, as secretary on the Board of Directors of The Lutheran Foundation, and since 1994 he has been one of the preachers on Worship for Shut-ins now called Worship Anew.

Pastor and Cheri Shoemaker were married in 1975. They have been blessed with four children: David, Kristin, Jennifer and Jonathan. They have two grandsons, Ethan David Shoemaker and Jonathan Edward Paul Shoemaker.

Worship Schedule

October 10 – 20th Sunday after Pentecost Sermon “You Can’t Do It

October 17 – 21st Sunday after Pentecost Sermon “Live Long and Prosper” October 24 – 22nd Sunday after Pentecost Sermon “Seeing Jesus” October 31 – Reformation Sermon “The Eternal Gospel”

(Formerly known as Worship For Shutins)

October 3, 2021 “What God Has Joined” Sermon Text: Mark 10:9 Rev. Thomas Eggold Christ’s blood covers all our sins. And no matter what you have done to damage your family, and even if you have experienced the tragedy of divorce, in Christ you are a new creation, and in Him there is always a good future. God’s forgiveness is life. It is hope. It is everything.

October 10, 2021 “Follow Me” Sermon Text: Mark 10:17 – Rev. Shayne Jonker

Jesus’ words “follow me”